We take our work seriously, but we're not the stars of the show.  You are.  That's why we always work to make your photo session easy and fun.  We're not formal in any way, and we like to relax and enjoy our time with you.  Sure, you pay us to photograph you, but that's no reason to not share a laugh or two.  But while we’re at it, we strive to meet our goal to get you the images you need and want -- images you'll be happy to hang on your wall, put on your web site or business cards, and share with family and friends. We want you to look your best; after all, we're not shooting selfies.  If you could shoot a selfie that looks as good as a pro photographer can do, you wouldn't need us, or any other pro photographer.

    When we meet or talk for the first time with you, we like to get to know something about you and what you need and want from us.  We don't assume you want the same kinds of portraits as everyone else.  If we don't know what types of images will meet your needs, we can't really serve you well.  So we like to chat with you a bit before we put up the lights and grab the camera.

    Speaking of lights, yes, we do use lights -- flashes, specifically -- even if we're in the middle of a wheat field in the middle of the day.  While we love natural light, but we also know that natural-light-only portraits sometimes lack the sparkle that flashes can bring to a photo, especially the catch lights in your eyes that flashes create.  So don't be surprised when we meet for an on-location photo session and you see us with a rolling cart filled with equipment.  It takes a little time to set up, but the results are worth it.

    As our photo session proceeds, we like to occasionally stop and review your images on our tablet or laptop.  That gives you a chance to take a break from posing, and we can check on our progress together.  We like to do this because it’s nice to see what we’ve accomplished, and it gives you a chance to change into another outfit, if you have one, or we can decide if we want to try different lighting or a pose we didn’t think of before.  Our photo session plans are never set in stone.  If we decide to change our minds in the middle of the session and try something we didn't plan to do, that's OK with us, and we hope that kind of flexibility is OK with you, too.  And, as always, you have the option to bring at least one wardrobe change, and we encourage you to do that.  Since we'll have the cameras and lights ready, why not go for a different look than what you started with?  As long as it fits within the time we have available, we say "Let's do it."

    Each photo session comes with one unedited 4” x 6” proof print of each usable image from the session and a CD, DVD or flash drive with a fully-edited digital file of each image for which you purchase prints. The digital files are not large enough for printing, but they’re just right for placement on your social-media web sites and for sending around to your family and friends via e-mail.
    At the end of each photo session we give you the chance to review all the images from the session and select the ones you like.  We always edit the photos you select because photos are almost never the best they can be right out of the camera.  We try to stick to the same basic types of edits as a standard practice that won't cost you any additional money.  We'll adjust for proper exposure, composition, color balance, and contrast, and we'll remove facial blemishes if they're distracting.  We won't assume you want any other kind of editing.  If you do want us to do additional edits, let us know, either at the photo session or after you've seen your proofs.  There's an extra charge for non-standard editing, depending on the complexity of the edits you prefer. Oh, and I should emphasize that if we make a mistake that shows in an image, we won't charge you for us to fix the mistake in the computer, if that's possible, and if it's a photo you like.  For example, if we failed to see that hair laying across your eye in an otherwise good photo, we'll take out that hair at no cost to you.  That's our mistake, and we'll do our best to correct it.

    When it comes to ordering your prints, we like to meet with you in person and take your order then.  That gives us a chance to make sure we can answer your questions and ensure the order goes through without any glitches.  It also may help you decide which images to have printed.  We find that some people really do appreciate another person’s viewpoint when it comes to choosing photos.

    When all is said and done, we hope you have images that meet your needs and desires.  If you’re not satisfied with the work we’ve done for you, please tell us.  We want to make things right and ensure you’re satisfied with our service and products.  We want you to not only call us again for your portrait photography needs, but we want you to encourage your family, friends and acquaintances to let us be their portrait photographer as well.