Portrait Pricing


Our portrait pricing is simple: We charge a small session fee, and you buy what you love, with no minimum purchase (*see exception below for information on digital files).

Our location sitting fee is $50, payable when the session is booked.  

Our studio session fee is $100, which includes the sitting fee and studio rental, payable when the session is booked.

We ask that you pay that when you book the session.  That’s how you guarantee your spot on our calendar, and it covers our initial session costs.  We need to meet in person for that because we take all payments in person, but we also want to discuss the photo session with you.  We want to get to know you so when we meet for the photo session we’re not strangers.  We want to talk with you about the photo session so we know how to plan it, where we’ll shoot it, and what kinds of images you want from it.  It’s always better to discuss those things before a session begins, and the sooner the better.  So we’ll take care of that when you book your session.  We’ll meet you where it’s convenient for you: your home, your office, a public park, or even at your favorite café where we can enjoy a nice beverage while we chat (the beverage is on us).


Since you buy only what you love, we make it easy to choose. 

But before we get to prices, you should know that your session fee includes:  One photo session in one location with no time limit; and one 4" x 6" unedited proof print of each image you select -- OR -- one unedited digital file of each image you select, sized and optimized for viewing on your computer screen (72 dpi at 640 x 480 ppi).  You select whether you receive proof prints or digital files.  Please note the proofs and digital files will be copyrighted and watermarked.

With your purchase of prints, you'll receive one fully-edited digital file of each individual image of which you buy at least one print, sized for online sharing (optimized for Facebook).

The prices you see below are per print.

4” x 6”         $10 each for the first 4 prints; $7 per print after that

5” x 7”         $15 each for the first 4 prints; $10.50 per print after that

8” x 10”        $20 each for the first 3 prints; $14 per print after that

8” x 12”       $30 each for the first 3 prints; $21 per print after that.

A sheet of wallet-sized photos (8 total) is priced the same as for an 8” x 10”

11” x 14”    $40 each for the first 3 prints; $28 per print after that

16” x 20”    $80 each for the first 2 prints; $56 per print after that

20” x 30”    $160 each for the first 2 prints; $112 per print after that

24” x 30”     $200 each for the first 2 prints; $140 per print after that

Larger sizes are available. 

All prices shown are for standard paper prints with a lustre finish; glossy is also available if you ask for it.  Canvas, gallery wrapped, and metal prints are also available, but, size for size, they’re all more expensive than standard paper prints.

You also can choose from various types of backing for your prints, such as styrene and foam core, and we can discuss pricing for those when you ask for them. 

Our preferred printing lab is R&R Custom Color Lab on Monroe Street in Spokane.  If you place an order that R&R is unable to fulfill, we send the order to Miller’s Professional Imaging, which is a professional printing lab locations in Kansas and Missouri.

* Full-resolution digital files: 

Fully-edited full-resolution files of the images you select for printing are available for $450 after you purchase at least $350 worth of prints.  Along with the digital images you’ll receive a print release that will assure your print lab of choice that you have our permission to have your images printed.  We retain the copyright on every image we shoot, and we digitally watermark all our images (the invisible watermark stays with the image permanently as part of the image metadata and can’t be removed).  Our print release gives you exclusive permission to print the images without modification for your personal use only.