Hello Spokane!

Hello Spokane!

My name is Scott Martin, and I own Scott Martin Photography LLC, along with my wife, Jennifer, here in Spokane, Washington.

We do portraits of individuals, groups and pets; head shots for actors, businesspeople and anyone else who needs a head shot; and we photograph events (but not weddings). 

Our business is new, but Jennifer and I have lived in Spokane for about 10 years, moving here from Chandler, Arizona, in 2006.

Jennifer and I are both U.S. Air Force veterans.  She spent 6 years in the Air Force Reserve, and I spent 24 years on active duty, completing my career as a master sergeant.

I’m the primary photographer in our company, as Jennifer can only participate part-time.  I’ve been a photographer for about 30 years, starting out as a casual snap shooter, transitioning into a more serious photographer early on.  I’m entirely self-taught and gained a lot of knowledge and experience as a news photographer in the Air Force then as a professional studio portrait photographer working for Bedford Camera & Video, Inc., in North Little Rock, Arkansas, after I finished my Air Force career.

I’ve been out of the photography business for about 11 years, but now I’ve returned to something I truly love to do, and I want you to be a part of it.

Thanks for reading, and cheers!


Scott Martin

October 2015