Scott Martin Photography is a veteran-owned portrait photography business in Spokane, Washington.  My wife, Jennifer, and I own the business and operate it out of our home.  We do portraits of individuals, groups, families and pets, head shots for actors and business people, and special events.   

    We provide professional quality portraiture at a reasonable price, with quick turnaround times and a personal touch.  We don’t do cookie-cutter photography; every photo session is unique and designed to meet each your specific needs.  Because we don’t operate out of a studio, we shoot on location, though we have access to a studio if we need it.  We go where it’s convenient for you: your home, your office, a public park, down town, even in the middle of a wheat field.  We can book appointments for any day of the week, including weekends.  

Our Story

       Jennifer and I are both United States Air Force veterans with 30 years of service between us.  I served on active duty for 24 years, and Jennifer served in the Air Force Reserve for eight years.  I've been a photographer of one sort or another for 30 years.  I started out as a hobbyist and taught myself photography.  Later in life I became an Air Force news photographer and did that for about 13 years until I completed my Air Force career.  After the Air Force I became a professional studio portrait photographer with Bedford Camera and Video, Inc., in North Little Rock, Ark.  I also taught the store's beginner photography class.  Following my wife in her career, we eventually moved to Chandler, Ariz., and I stepped out of the photography industry and entered the construction trade.  Not long after that we moved again with Jennifer's company to Spokane, where we've been for about 10 years.  

    After 10 years of doing working jobs that were not really career-oriented, I decided to get back to doing what I always loved to do: photography.  That's why Scott Martin Photography is here.  

    Our goal is to become your family or business photographers for life.  Relationships matter, and we want to build a relationship with you, not just take your picture and say good-bye.  We want to help you tell the world your story, one photo opportunity at a time.

Scott Martin, October 2015