When you arrive at our photo session location, you want to be ready to step in front of the camera.     There are some important things to consider as you prepare for that moment.

    First, relax!  There’s no pressure on you; the pressure is on us to create the photos you’ll love.  Treat this occasion as your time to shine.  Your photo session is all about you, and we want you to feel good about that.  We enjoy what we do, and we want you to share that joy with us.

    Next, consider your wardrobe and makeup. 

    You choose the look you want, and we work with that because we want you to be you, not something we think you should be.  If you’re not sure how you want to look, you can’t go wrong with business-like garments in medium tones and colors (earth colors and tones always work).  Avoid bold and busy prints and excessively bright or excessively dark colors unless they’re part of the specific look you want.   Bring at least one wardrobe change, even if it’s just a different shirt/blouse or a different jacket or sport coat.  You don't have to do a wardrobe change during the session, but it's nice to know you can change to a new look if you're moved to do so, and we encourage it.

    If you wear makeup, apply it whatever manner that you're comfortable with.  It doesn't matter if it's light or heavy. Again, we want you to be you. But avoid products that will cake-up on your face; it just doesn't look good.  You don’t have to wear any makeup at all, but one thing you want to be sure you bring with you is some neutral powder that you can dab on if you have shiny spots on your skin.  That applies to women and men alike.  And don’t forget to bring a brush or comb.

    If you wear makeup, please bring makeup with you to touch up where and when necessary during the session.  We're not makeup specialists, and we don't bring makeup supplies with us on photo sessions.

    If we’re shooting outdoors, prepare for and dress for the weather.  It seems obvious, but it bears a mention.  If you’re not physically comfortable, it will show in the photos.  You can’t look your best if you’re shivering in the cold or feeling like you’re about to fall over from heat stroke.  Wear, or at least bring with you, the garments that will keep you comfortable while we’re shooting.  If it’s hot outside, bring water to drink, and plenty of it.  If it’s cold, bring a hot beverage to keep you warm.  But don’t eat snacks during the session … for the good of your smile.

    If you have props that you want in your photos, feel free to bring them along.  We’re happy to pose you with the items that help tell your story.

    If you can avoid it, please don’t bring people along with you unless they're part of the photo shoot or are there specifically to assist you in some manner. Extra people on location or in the studio can easily distract us from the job at hand, and we want our time together to be productive, not wasted.  The best thing we can each do for each other is pay attention to enjoyable task of producing the photos you’ll love.